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 Example App: Elizabeth Rockbell

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Elizabeth Rockbell

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PostSubject: Example App: Elizabeth Rockbell   Sat Dec 07, 2013 10:59 pm

Name: Elizabeth Mary Rockbell

Nickname: Electric Alchemist

Age: 17

Anime Show: FullMetal Alchemist (Both versions)

Good or Bad: Good


Species: Human

Personality: Elizabeth is a person who is hyper and crazy. She enjoys to relax in a library and try to figure out the world. When she isn't there, she is usually in a bar getting herself drunk silly. Elizabeth, though a drunk, does not end up in a bed with men. She thinks of herself highly in a way where she doesn't need a man.

Strengths: Lightning storms, fixing machines that run on electricity, and cooking

Weaknesses: Sugar, drinks, and finding new research

Magic: Alchemy

Weapon: Alchemy

History: Many people never knew that Elizabeth ever existed. Her grandmother, Pinako, hid the daughter she had away to the countryside far from Resembool so that nobody would know about the child she had with a random alchemist. The daughter grew, hating her own sister and her own mother. In this, she herself found an alchemist and had a one night affair with him.

That alchemist was the man who was called the Electric Achemist. When Elizabeth's mother found out she was pregnant, she sent a note to her own mother. She let her know that she would take care of Elizabeth, though she was born from a State Alchemist.

When Elizabeth was born, it was not hard to see the looks of the man. She had her mother golden blonde hair, but she also had her father's shockingly golden eyes. The eyes and the hair made everyone think that Elizabeth's mother slept with the famous Van Hohenheim because of the eyes. Little did they know that it was the not so famous Electric Alchemist.

Elizabeth grew, figuring out alchemy as she grew. It was an amazing way she did it. She drew the transmutation circle and created the perfect creation. However, at the age of seven she found a dead bird. She brought it to her mother and asked if it could have been helped. Her replied no, and so Elizabeth decided to do research. That research led to her finding the way to bring something back from the dead.

Of course she was a fool to try. In this process she lost her arm, because hey it was a small bird not a full grown human being. Her mother found her in their front arm with a missing right arm. She didn't bring her to her mother however. Her mother brought her to an automail mechanic to fix the arm.

Elizabeth's arm was finished as copper and it took her until the age of thirteen to actually stand the pain. Then she went to becoming a State Alchemist as her mother then explained to her who her father was. She wanted to find him. She didn't make it into becoming a State Alchemist until she was sixteen. A year after Edward Elric became a State Alchemist.

Then finding out about her father's death in the war, Elizabeth decided to take his name and fight her own battles. Also, to find out more about the man she called father.
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Example App: Elizabeth Rockbell
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