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Our official first start is December 9, 2013! So welcome to our site and let's get going to see what happens when we mash our animes together into one world!

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 Character Application

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Elizabeth Rockbell

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PostSubject: Character Application   Sat Dec 07, 2013 7:52 pm

If you have a character that is from an anime that is not listed on our groups, still put it on here. We accept any anime show. Also, we will do research and if you prove yourself worthy of owning the mod for that group then I will allow you to become the leader.
[center][color=#FF9933]Name: (Full name)

Nickname: (If you have one)

Age: (How old are you? How old do you look?)

Anime Show: (The name of it, if it's not on the group lists we will create one and put in places for it)

Good or Bad: (Which side are you on?)

Looks: (Picture or describe)

Species: (Dog, cat, vampire, etc.)

Personality: (More than five descriptions)

Strengths: (More than three)

Weaknesses: (More than three)

Magic: (If you have any)

Weapon: (If you have any)

History: (Minimum of 1 paragraph)[/color][/center]
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PostSubject: Re: Character Application   Sun Dec 08, 2013 10:01 pm

Name: Marcus Cline

Nickname: BladeRunner

Age: 16

Anime Show: Full Metal Alchemist

Good or Bad: Good

White hair
half black and white shirt
matching leather jacket
pure black shoes
blue jeans

Species: Human


ice climates (ups the ice ability)
aquatic climates
windy climates
lightening storms

Dark energy
eclipse moon

Magic: Ice, Water, Lightening, Wind

Weapon: Abyssal Blade

History: His family was murdered at the age of six, lived on his own, age 9 he learned his first power in a fight against bullies, age 13 he started hunting down criminals for money, age 14 took any and all jobs, did an excellent job at executing his jobs, and from that point on he was known as the Contractor.

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Character Application
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